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Daily Steps Tracker Stickers

Daily Steps Tracker Stickers

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Do you like to track your daily steps? Weekly Steps? Have a target goal in your feet? Well we do as well! Our Apple Watches will constantly yell at us to stand up or walk, so getting in that exercise is what we like to see.

We offer 2 different types of sticker sheet: Vibrant, Calm; each sticker sheet comes with 8 stickers each, all 8 are different colors! Dimensions: Each Note Sticker is individually 4cm Height x 3cm Width.  

These can be used in all planners - their dimensions are the right sizes to fit EC 7x9 LifePlanner, Daily Duo, Happy Planner 7x9 and more. I put these in my EC 7x9 LifePlanner (hourly view) and they work perfect!

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